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    I work for "Who Do You Think You Are". Would you like me to work for you? Contact me now!

About is a family history business owned and run by me, Stephen Thomas, an expert professional genealogical researcher with 30 plus years of experience. I  answer some of the toughest reader's questions in the Who Do You Think You Are? magazine which complements the worldwide television series of the same name. I answer questions from readers who have hit a genealogical "brick wall" and find themselves in desperate need of some guidance and help with research.

You can ask for a FREE appraisal of the research you need and ask how I can help you to find out about your family history.

From this page you can contact me about anything genealogical. I can give some advice on occasion and maybe help put your research back on track. I am also happy to look over a problem and advise if I can help. Any queries about costs, what you will receive and how long it will take can all be addressed by getting in touch.






This is my telephone number in the United Kingdom: (44) (0) 1233 720938.

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